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Parents can now share photos from home!

Teachers love using Class Story to bring families into their classroom community. Nearly 3 million photos have already been shared with parents – ones of students working in teams, giving presentations, taking field trips, and more. Photos bring amazing classroom moments to life and help parents form a deeper connection with their child’s classroom.

Starting today, parents can join the fun and share moments from home right through ClassDojo Messaging! Just make sure they’ve updated their ClassDojo app, and they’ll see a “camera” and “smiley face” icon in the message channel.

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Today ClassDojo and Making Caring Common (MCC), a project of the Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE), announced an initiative designed to help millions of students worldwide learn about the power of empathy. Through the collaboration, ClassDojo and HGSE MCC created an original series of animated, short films along with discussion guides that will be available to all teachers, parents, and students on ClassDojo.

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Parents love Class Story posts from teachers! In fact, Class Story posts have been “hearted” over 18 MILLION times since September. That’s a lot of love !🙂 And it got us thinking: if parents love what teachers are sharing so much, what might they say if they could celebrate those classroom moments with words?

So, we worked hand-in-hand with teachers to bring comments to Class Story, making sure we answered a few important questions. How could comments help you build an even stronger classroom community? How could it save you time? And how could we make sure that teachers always stay in control?

Comments are here!

Today, we’re excited to announce comments on Class Story. When comments are turned “on” parents can leave responses on Class Story posts, celebrating classroom moments, answering questions or requests for help, and contributing to wonderful classroom communities. If it’s ever needed, teachers can delete individual comments on their posts or fully turn comments “off” under Account Settings.

We hope comments bring your classroom community of teachers, parents, and students even closer together. Have any amazing ideas for using comments to engage parents? Share them with us and the teacher community here!

Teachers have posted over 3 million moments on Class Story since September! These are moments showing students working hard, having fun, and encouraging each other. And every time a teacher posts on Class Story, parents form a deeper connection with the classroom.

Beginning today, teachers can share videos on Class Story to make it even easier for families to be brought into the classroom experience. You’ll be able to record videos up to 15-seconds long, post to Class Story, and then see all the “likes” from parents roll in!

Here are a few tips for sharing videos on Class Story:
– Videos must be recorded using the ClassDojo iOS / Android app
– Record a 15-second video or even a series of clips up to 15-seconds long
– To record, just press and hold the record button
– Release the button to pause your recording, and then hold again to add another clip!
– Preview the video and then share to Class Story!

We’re excited to see how you use this new addition to Class Story. Have any amazing ideas for using videos to engage parents? Share them with us and the teacher community here!

Updates From ClassDojo

Classrooms are wonderful communities — ones where teachers, parents, and students all work together towards a common goal! Whether it’s a group project or parent-teacher night, these are moments we love to celebrate.

Today, we are taking a big step and bringing that same type of collaboration beyond the classroom to create something amazing. Millions of classrooms love using ClassDojo, GoNoodle, and Kahoot! every day, so what would happen if the three of us started to think together, collaborate, and aim to find new ways to reimagine learning? After all, the three of us believe the best classrooms are interactive, value togetherness, and are committed to using technology in impactful ways to help students grow.

Well, that’s what we’re excited to launch today, with the aim of our first collaboration taking place at the BETT 2016 !🙂

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Millions of teachers love bringing families into their classroom communities with ClassDojo. They can share important announcements and beautiful photos using Class Story, and have meaningful, private conversations using ClassDojo Messaging.

But even superheros like teachers can’t always respond to messages immediately, especially late at night and on weekends. After all, recharging is important!

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ClassDojo Translate is now available for teachers and parents everywhere! This new addition to ClassDojo will help break down the language barrier between classrooms and homes. ClassDojo Translate enables families to translate all classroom announcements and messages into their preferred language, with just one tap. With teachers in over 90% of U.S. K-8 schools using ClassDojo, many parents previously left out can now play an even larger role in their child’s education.

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One of the reasons students, teachers, and parents love ClassDojo is how much positivity it brings to their classrooms. Teachers can easily encourage students for any skill or behavior. In doing so, students learn faster, feel excited to push forward, and even support their friends along the way.

Teachers also know it’s important to share helpful feedback and reminders about what “needs work.” For instances where students, for example, “distract others” or “talk out of turn,” teachers want to let them know that expectations aren’t met, but to do so in a caring and encouraging manner. This is why we built the “Needs Work” category in ClassDojo: to give teachers a simple way to give this type of feedback.

However, many teachers found the icons to be counterproductive. Our team interviewed and surveyed thousands of teachers, and most described these icons as “overly negative,” “non-constructive,” and “difficult to distinguish from each other.” They went further to say that students felt criticized. Teachers wanted these moments to help guide better decisions in the future, but that wasn’t always happening.

So, like everything we do at ClassDojo, we listened closely to these teachers, and collaboratively designed a refreshed set of icons with them!

Here are the four main changes to the icons:

  • Icons can now be used for either Positive or Needs Work behaviors
  • Each behavior’s point weight is now shown, with either a green or red background to make clear what type of feedback it is!
  • All the icons have been updated to be friendlier and more easily distinguishable from each other – meaning no more all red icons!
  • Oh, and we wanted to give teachers more icon choices, too!

So, without further ado, here is the refreshed look of your behavior icons!


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“Most great learning happens in groups. Collaboration is the stuff of growth.” – Sir Ken Robinson

From day one, ClassDojo has been built by listening to teachers and students. Today, after working with many wonderful teachers around the world, we’re proud to unveil our most exciting new feature: ClassDojo Groups!

ClassDojo Groups is the easiest way for teachers to bring teamwork to their classrooms. Groups gives teachers the ability to group students any way that works for their classroom: tables, project teams, reading groups, school houses – or even all of these! Teachers can then encourage the whole group, as well as any student in the group, with just ‘one tap’.

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Writing is one of the most fundamental skills a person can possess. It’s not only part of everything we do; it’s one of the most powerful tools of communication – whether communicating our knowledge, beliefs, or emotions. Writing is a connector – it connects people across space, time, and culture, allowing us to learn from yesterday, obtain knowledge about today, and prepare for tomorrow.

To put it simply, writing is an essential tool that brings people together.

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