Parents can now share photos from home!

Teachers love using Class Story to bring families into their classroom community. Nearly 3 million photos have already been shared with parents – ones of students working in teams, giving presentations, taking field trips, and more. Photos bring amazing classroom moments to life and help parents form a deeper connection with their child’s classroom.

Starting today, parents can join the fun and share moments from home right through ClassDojo Messaging! Just make sure they’ve updated their ClassDojo app, and they’ll see a “camera” and “smiley face” icon in the message channel.

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Here are the top 5 teacher ideas of how to engage parents with this new addition:

  • Create photo assignments. Learning new vocabulary words? Ask students and their parents to snap photos of those words in the wild.
  • Learn about out-of-school activities. Building relationships with students doesn’t end at 3:00pm. Learn about their out-of-school activities by having parents share photos from soccer matches, piano recitals, and more. Then ask students about it the next day!
  • See students engaging in schoolwork. It’s amazing to see students engaged in their schoolwork at home. Get photos when students can’t put down that new book you recommended, or decide to practice their fractions with food at the dinner table.
  • Get missing worksheets and forms. Student left their finished homework in the car? Or forgot their signed permission slip? No worries! Parents can send a photo of it instantly 🙂
  • Collect photos from parent volunteers. Parents might snap photos during classroom visits, school-wide activities, or field trips that other parents would love to see. Have them send you the photos, so you can share on Class Story.

We hope you and parents love this new addition to ClassDojo!  If we can ever be helpful, please drop us a note here.