Introducing: Comments on Class Story!

Parents love Class Story posts from teachers! In fact, Class Story posts have been “hearted” over 18 MILLION times since September. That’s a lot of love !🙂 And it got us thinking: if parents love what teachers are sharing so much, what might they say if they could celebrate those classroom moments with words?

So, we worked hand-in-hand with teachers to bring comments to Class Story, making sure we answered a few important questions. How could comments help you build an even stronger classroom community? How could it save you time? And how could we make sure that teachers always stay in control?

Comments are here!

Today, we’re excited to announce comments on Class Story. When comments are turned “on” parents can leave responses on Class Story posts, celebrating classroom moments, answering questions or requests for help, and contributing to wonderful classroom communities. If it’s ever needed, teachers can delete individual comments on their posts or fully turn comments “off” under Account Settings.

We hope comments bring your classroom community of teachers, parents, and students even closer together. Have any amazing ideas for using comments to engage parents? Share them with us and the teacher community here!

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