What is a Teachmeet?

The first time I heard about ClassDojo was at a Teachmeet – a unique opportunity to share and contribute the most creative and innovative ideas unfolding in our classrooms today. Since so many of us Ambassadors and Community Leads are hoping to engage in Teachmeets in our own countries, I thought it might be helpful for us to outline exactly what is involved in a Teachmeet.

In a nutshell a Teachmeet is an organised – but informal – meeting where participants are offered a variety of ‘nano’ (two-minute) or ‘macro’ (seven-minute) presentations on any aspect of education. Teachmeets are a superb way to promote tools, such as ClassDojo, and for individual teachers to explain how they use it in their own setting.

At a Teachmeet a participant can be actively involved as a presenter, or simply relax and listen to what’s on offer. Some of the most memorable Teachmeet presentations I have had the pleasure of hearing have involved teachers sharing their use of ClassDojo, and how they have customised rewards and correspondence with parents to use ClassDojo to its full potential.

The joy of a Teachmeet – just like ClassDojo itself – is that the events are open to all and there is no charge to attend.

I would encourage any of you who are based in any area where a Teachmeet operates, whether at local or national level, to contribute to those events and share how you use ClassDojo in your class setting.

I co-ordinate the ‘Teachmeet Primary East’ organisation in Ireland – you can visit our website here to get an idea of what a full Teachmeet event looks like.

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