Ways to keep students focused and engaged with ClassDojo

We all remember classrooms in which the same three bright students would volunteer to contribute insights and opinions, while the rest of the class offered little but the “blank stare.” Net result? Risk-averse, introverted students miss out on the chance to move out of their comfort zone and the rest of the class misses out on the opportunity to elevate the discussion. Who is to say the girl at the back of the class doesn’t have a most original, quirky idea to bring to the table? Too often, the fruits of that shy girl’s imagination are kept under lock and key.

Astute teachers will do most anything to shift this imbalanced classroom dynamic. This is where ClassDojo’s “random” feature can make a teacher’s life easier. Emily Wood shares her thoughts on how the randomizing tool has focused and engaged all of her students.

Watch more “Ideas for the Classroom” to uncover other great ways teachers incorporate ClassDojo into their workflow.

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