Want to Know What Makes Our Day? This!

Well, here’s a little something delightful.

It’s end of year time for schools in many countries, and that also means its one of the busiest times at ClassDojo! We’re so lucky we get to interact with this amazing community every day.

One of our favorite things is when we hear directly from you! Emails, posts, pings, likes, shares, shoutouts, and tags – they’re all the best! And we read every single one of the messages we get. From tales of classroom kindness to seeing Mojo mania, the #classdojolove is what keeps our coffee pot warm and our team inspired.

Nowadays, it’s pretty rare to get the original deal – the “snail mail” form of flattery. Then last week, a 3rd grade class from New York went ahead and sent us a stack of handwritten letters! Each note was a thoughtful expression of gratitude and on custom ClassDojo stationery. WOW. What a fantastic gesture to wrap the 2018 school year!

So, to teacher Kathryn Rodgers and her students and families – we think it’s actually YOU we should be thanking. Thank you for inviting us into your community and letting us be part of your journey. We’re so happy to be here with you!

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