Using ClassDojo to encourage collaboration in high school

ClassDojo works well across all grade levels, including high school. For example, it can help facilitate group work in a multi-lingual setting where students speak a myriad of native languages. Managing group work in her highly heterogeneous classroom was tricky, says Tara Hobson of SF International High School. She uses ClassDojo to encourage group lab work in her 11th grade chemistry class. Points are awarded to students asking good questions, speaking in English, and following their roles during lab time. As Hobson moves around the classroom, she uses the ClassDojo app on her smart phone to track these behaviors, reinforcing them and bringing classroom expectations to a higher level. The dynamic of group interaction during lab assignments has since really improved she says. Hear more from Tara in the video below!

Hear how other teachers like Tara have used ClassDojo in their classrooms.

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