The Story of ClassDojo Beyond School

Today, we’re introducing ClassDojo Beyond School to our community. It’s our first-ever product just for families, and we’re excited to share more about it!

ClassDojo Beyond School started just like everything we do at ClassDojo – by listening to teachers and families. Over the years, we’ve spoken with thousands of families and we heard a common theme: families want to help their children learn and grow. This became particularly apparent when we released the Big Ideas series on Growth Mindset, Empathy, and Mindfulness. Teachers were sharing these videos home, and families kept emailing us asking for more!

We realized that we think a lot about the formal learning experiences happening inside classrooms, but children spend a significant portion of their day at home, and that time is full of opportunities for small, informal learning experiences. From that, an idea was born: ClassDojo Beyond School. ClassDojo Beyond School helps families turn those opportunities into amazing learning experiences they can share in together.

With ClassDojo Beyond School, families get:

  • Feedback Points: to encourage children to take ownership in developing amazing skills and habits at home
  • Mojo Mindfulness: to help children better understand and manage their emotions during different situations and times of day, like calming down before bed.
  • Daily Reflections: to give children a place to use their voice and develop character strengths like gratitude and kindness, which can be tricky to talk about.
  • Monster Creator: to enable children to creatively express themselves with an at-home avatar — something kids have wanted since day one!

We worked closely with families as we designed and built ClassDojo Beyond School. We heard from parents like Rolanda in Ohio who juggles a busy schedule and raising her three boys. “With Beyond School feedback points, I finally found something that works for my kids. It helps them take more responsibility at home.” And Mercedes in Florida, who loves using Beyond School mindfulness exercises with her 8-year old daughter. “She has a hard time waking up, but with the morning meditation, she is wide awake and ready to go!” As with everything we do, we’ll continue listening to our community as we improve Beyond School — there’s so much more to come!

Families can try ClassDojo Beyond School free for a week and choose to get a monthly subscription after that. We think it’s pretty great, but it’s also completely optional! No matter what, ClassDojo will always be free for teachers, students, and families. In fact, we’ll use the money from ClassDojo Beyond School to keep making ClassDojo better and available to more communities around the world. It’s another step in our mission to bring communities together and give them the power to improve education for their children.

We are immensely grateful to each of you for being a part of the ClassDojo community, and taking this exciting step with us! And we’re thrilled to share ClassDojo Beyond School with everyone who’s been asking for it. It’s early days and there’s a lot more to come, so we’d love your feedback! Please send us a note at

We’ll be slowly rolling out ClassDojo Beyond School over the next few months, starting with families in the US who use ClassDojo’s iOS app. If you don’t have it and would like to get it sooner, join the waitlist and learn more about Beyond School here !🙂


Sam and Liam, Co-founders of ClassDojo

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