Student Story’s newest addition: Journal entries!



We’ve all been there: making sure every student turns in their writing assignment, collecting reflection journals, carting home a stack of binders in order to provide thoughtful and individualized feedback. It’s nothing short of a challenge! But those assignments, journals, and binders are gold, showcasing students’ creativity and emotions. There must be a more efficient way for them to them to express themselves through writing, and for you to provide the feedback necessary to help them develop into incredible writers. Enter Student Stories.

The newest update to Student Stories includes a writing option, where students’ writing (whether that be journal entries, reflections, short stories, etc) is instantly saved to their digital portfolio. No more papers to collect or binders to cart. What’s more, each entry is shared with both the teacher and the student’s parent, giving them insight into how they can better support their student. Nathalie Balduck, a teacher in Switzerland, can’t wait for the updates and how they’ll allow students to share what they’re most proud of. “The new writing feature opens up a lot of new opportunities to communicate with my students and will be a wonderful way to showcase students work to their families,” shares Balduck.

The possibilities for what students can share through writing is endless. Balduck already has some fantastic ideas on what sorts of writing assignments students will share to their Student Story this year: “New school year resolutions, poetry, persuasive writing, storytelling, daily journal entries, peer evaluations, reflections — I could go on and on!” How will your classroom utilize the new writing feature this year?

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