Screencasts: A great way to assess student understanding!

Students can often have a difficult time demonstrating their understanding of a topic. When called on in class they might struggle to articulate how they found an answer to a problem or not see the value in showing their work when solving a math problem. This can be just as frustrating for students as it is for teachers as they try to figure out where a child needs extra help.

Screencasting is a fantastic way to assess student understanding and increase engagement. A screencast is a recording of the tasks performed on a computer, labtop, or tablet. It gives children the power to explain their own thinking and show off their thought process. There are a variety of ways that students of all ages can capture their thinking and screencasting is simple, straightforward and definitely kid-friendly.

One app that helps kids create screencasts is Screenchomp. With a simple cartoon interface and just a handful of buttons on the screen, students can draw and record their method for solving a problem. This could be as simple as solving a two-digit addition problem or more complex like drawing a diagram of a square and figuring out the perimeter of the polygon.

ClassDojo asks teachers to record positive feedback and acknowledge students for completing their work. As students work in partners or individually to create screencasts, make sure to award those who demonstrate great teamwork and persistence!

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