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“Most great learning happens in groups. Collaboration is the stuff of growth.” – Sir Ken Robinson

From day one, ClassDojo has been built by listening to teachers and students. Today, after working with many wonderful teachers around the world, we’re proud to unveil our most exciting new feature: ClassDojo Groups!

ClassDojo Groups is the easiest way for teachers to bring teamwork to their classrooms. Groups gives teachers the ability to group students any way that works for their classroom: tables, project teams, reading groups, school houses – or even all of these! Teachers can then encourage the whole group, as well as any student in the group, with just ‘one tap’.

Carissa, a 6th grade teacher in Australia who is also a ClassDojo ‘Beta tester’, regularly runs experiments in her science classes. Students form table teams, and work through the experiments together. Using ClassDojo Groups, Carissa started recognizing table groups for showing “Focus,” “Noting observations,” and “Curiosity”. By encouraging these skills in her table groups, Carissa found her students caring deeply about helping the others in their group. “I’ve used ClassDojo for two years now,” Carissa said, “and with Groups, my students are showing a whole new level of teamwork and determination! My students love working together”.

Teachers – and researchers – know that teamwork is critical to an effective classroom. When students collaborate, they learn better, are more engaged, and also develop a critical skill for the future. From today, ClassDojo Groups gives teachers everywhere the easiest way to help their students work better, together. So, give your classroom the gift of teamwork: get ClassDojo Groups in your ClassDojo app now!

We hope you love using ClassDojo Groups! You can learn more about how it works here →

The ClassDojo Team :)

P.S. – We’re thrilled by how many teachers have written and shared their blog posts about ClassDojo Groups! Thank you so much for the #ClassDojoLove to:

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