Hidden Gems of ClassDojo — Customise Those Avatars!

Hidden Gems of ClassDojo — Customise Those Avatars!

This is part 2 of the ‘Hidden Gems of ClassDojo’ series. Read part 1, here

In this post I will show you how to customise the Dojo avatars! I will walk you through how to create your very own custom set and how students can create their very own Dojo creature.

First, within your class section of ClassDojo, click ‘Edit Class’. Then click ‘Students’.


Next click the ‘Create set’ button and give your new collection of homemade avatars a name.


Next click the ‘Upload avatar’ button.


Then choose a picture from your computer files or there is a brilliant option to search ‘Web images’ by a keyword. Keep selecting images this way until you have enough for all your class.


Then click the ‘Save & Close’ button.

After that click back on the students avatar and then click the drop down menu selecting the Customised set that you have just made.

Once you have chosen the new avatar and clicked  the ‘Save & Close’ button the students new avatar will be displayed.

Hang on! What about the students, can’t they create their own avatars? Yes they can! There are several options-you could get the students to create their own avatars using numerous free online avatar creation websites (comprehensive list here from @UKEdchat and  @ICTMagic ) and then save on computer for upload as the instructions above. Their are plenty of other options-search web for their favourite sports team and use their badge or copy a pop star photo or cartoon character.

Students can also use the ClassDojo Critter Creation tool to make their own Dojo monster avatar. Its a bit convoluted but is a really nice tool. First you have to print off the student codes (instructions here). Then once the student has signed in and their parents have confirmed by email that they are allowed to use ClassDojo then they can edit their monster. Something to note: Once a student creates their own account and it confirmed by the parent, the student is the only person who can change their avatar.


Check out this this video to see how it works.

I find that if students have an opportunity to not only chose but create their own avatar their connection with ClassDojo is that much stronger and they are more willing to engage with it. Also giving ownership of this aspect encourages students to identify with their own behaviours in class and they will want to do better because of it.

This is part 2 of the ‘Hidden Gems of ClassDojo’ series. Read part 1, here