ClassDojo Mentors! This one is for you :)

ClassDojo just won a huge award: Best Education Startup (read more about it here) – you can watch it below!

This is a really exciting moment for our team and community of teachers, parents, and students. It recognizes not just the product, but the movement towards empowering teachers in their classrooms, and giving them simple tools and resources to help them do what they do best: teach our next generation.

And that’s how we see ClassDojo. Not purely as a product, but a community of teachers who believe in positive encouragement and stronger relationships.

So we want to dedicate this Crunchie to our ClassDojo Mentors! You’ve been with us for a long time, and we see you as the backbone of our company! We always reach out to you when we have questions, want to test an idea, and we always think of our Mentors first when building new features. If it’s not something a Mentor would love, it’s not worth doing.

Thank you to our amazing ClassDojo Mentor Community for your unconditional support and encouragement, and for sharing your #ClassDojoLove with others around you. You inspire us and motivate us every day.

This Crunchie is dedicated to you !🙂

– Sam, Liam, and the ClassDojo team

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