Announcing… ClassDojo Ambassadors!

Thank you to our amazing teacher community for all of the hard work you put into your classrooms, schools, and communities every day. You inspire us every day by how you use ClassDojo to build better, more positive relationships with your students and parents. Thank you for letting us help – we love working with you on our team!

Today, we’re very excited to announce a brand new opportunity that we help will bring us even closer together as a team: the ClassDojo Ambassador program.

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ClassDojo Mentors! This one is for you :)

ClassDojo just won a huge award: Best Education Startup (read more about it here) – you can watch it below!

This is a really exciting moment for our team and community of teachers, parents, and students. It recognizes not just the product, but the movement towards empowering teachers in their classrooms, and giving them simple tools and resources to help them do what they do best: teach our next generation.

And that’s how we see ClassDojo. Not purely as a product, but a community of teachers who believe in positive encouragement and stronger relationships.

So we want to dedicate this Crunchie to our ClassDojo Mentors! You’ve been with us for a long time, and we see you as the backbone of our company! We always reach out to you when we have questions, want to test an idea, and we always think of our Mentors first when building new features.  If it’s not something a Mentor would love, it’s not worth doing.

Thank you to our amazing ClassDojo Mentor Community for your unconditional support and encouragement, and for sharing your #ClassDojoLove with others around you. You inspire us and motivate us every day.

This Crunchie is dedicated to you 🙂


– Sam, Liam, and the ClassDojo team

We’ve got your back :)

We wanted to share some recent news and powerful stories with you!

1. You may have recently seen some press about data privacy policies for education companies, including ClassDojo. While some of the coverage was badly researched, and occasionally just plain false, we do think that scrutiny on privacy policies is a great thing. After all, we are teachers and parents, so we care deeply about the privacy of student data. As a ClassDojo teacher, we wanted to make sure you know the facts, and that you feel confident ClassDojo continues to lead the education industry in protecting teachers, parents and students.

We believe in transparency in everything we do – especially in explaining our practices and policies – and we’re always taking steps to make it easier for teachers, parents and students to communicate and understand each other inside and outside the classroom. We let you know about updates to our Terms of service and Privacy policy a few weeks ago – where we added a ‘plain English’ section to help everyone understand the legal jargon; but to help further, you can download this simple “Common Questions” guide that will answer questions teachers or parents in your school may have. We hope this helps! Also, stay tuned: we’ll be announcing another big step in January that’ll help us continue to have the most pro-user, pro-privacy policies in education 🙂

2. Furthermore, we’ve heard that there is some perception – mostly from those who have not tried ClassDojo – that it is a simple “points app”, with an implication that teachers could use this in a negative way. As a ClassDojo user, you know that our mission is to help kids develop through positive feedback and encouragement. We’ve seen so many amazing stories from parents and teachers like you on Twitter, Facebook, and on blogs to show how teachers use ClassDojo to teach amazing soft skills, and build stronger relationships with parents and students. Check them out below!

“Communicating with parents never felt right before. Email and phone calls were too formal and I’d only use them when I had to share a negative issue. ClassDojo Messaging is A-MAZING! Super easy, instant, quick – I find myself sharing so much positive news with parents that the trust between us is stronger than ever. Of course my students love it, too, because they come home and their parents already know what to celebrate about!”

– Gwen, a 4th grade teacher in Atlanta

“As a mom with three jobs, I never felt connected with how my son was doing in school. I couldn’t attend parent-teacher conferences, and teachers definitely couldn’t call me while I was at work.  I would get home and my son would be asleep. This year one of his teachers started using ClassDojo, and I’ve honestly never been more excited about his development and progress. I work hard for my family, and this tool has made me feel like I’m still a part of his daily life.”

– Divya, a parent in Boston

We hope this clarifies some of what you may have been hearing. We thank you for being such amazing teachers, and for using ClassDojo in the wonderful ways that you do. If you have a story you’d like to share with us, just tweet using #MyDojoStory and our team will see it!


Sam, Liam and the ClassDojo team

A message from Sam and Liam about our friendlier terms of use :)

Right from the start, ClassDojo has been built on feedback from teachers, parents, and students; your thoughtful ideas and suggestions have helped improve ClassDojo time and time again. Thanks to you, over 45 million students are now learning the character strengths and behaviors they need to be successful in life: things like persistence, curiosity, creativity and leadership. We believe that connecting teachers, parents, and students to improve understanding of how students are developing is a wonderful thing – and we’re excited to be able to help!

Similarly, we believe that improving understanding between you — the teachers and parents we work with every day — and us, the ClassDojo team, is just as important. So, we’re updating our terms of use to make the way we operate easier to understand. In particular, we’re reinforcing our commitment to your data being yours: as a teacher, parent or student in the ClassDojo community, your data is yours, and always has been. You can read the updates in full if you’d like (links at the bottom), but here are the things we think you should know:

  • Whether you are a teacher, parent, or student, your personal information is yours. ClassDojo never sells or rents users’ data to third parties for any reason – period.
  • If a student creates their own ClassDojo account, we ask for only the bare minimum amount of information we need to provide the service: usually just a random username and password.
  • If a student under the age of 13 tries to create a ClassDojo account, we require them to get parental consent. They won’t be able to activate their accounts without it!
  • We’ve also made both our Terms and our Privacy Policy much easier to read. Legal jargon can be a chore – and worse, confusing – so we summarized each section in plain English on the right-hand side.

Nearly half of the ClassDojo team are former teachers, some of us are parents – and all of us care deeply about doing things the right way. Being good citizens with regard to users’ data is the right thing to do for all the teachers, parents, and students we work with, and we’ll continue to hold ourselves to the highest standards here.

We hope this all makes sense, and is helpful! We’re excited and honored to work together – and as always, if there’s anything we can do to help, just let us know 🙂



Sam and Liam


Updated Terms of Use (10/24/2014):

Updated Privacy Policy (10/24/2014):

Get in touch:

Send delightful voice notes to parents!

Teachers can now instantly send voice notes home to parents using ClassDojo Messenger! Voice notes keep parents in the loop even easier than before 🙂 With just a tap (and hold) of a button, teachers send voice notes as a broadcast to all parents or as a private message to just one parent.

With Voice Notes, we’re excited that teachers can express empathy, passion, and excitement — all of which are difficult to do with text based messages. We believe that this will continue to help teachers save time while also building stronger teacher-parent relationships!

We are excited to have you try it out! Teachers can sign up to join the wait list here:

Learn more about ClassDojo Messenger here: