Best Resources for Blended Learning!

Robert Morris

March 26, 2015

Even old-school educators agree with the fact that technology has made immense contributions towards the evolution of our educational system. With the right tools and methods, students can achieve great success even in disciplines they used to struggle with. Blended learning can take many forms in the classroom, but one thing is certain: it helps students to study and deliver projects more efficiently.

The following online resources, listed in two categories, will help educators explore the opportunities of blended learning.

1. Defining Blended Learning

Budget Crises and Technology Could Break the Mold of the Little Red Schoolhouse

In this article published on Edutopia, Bridgespan Group members Susan Colby and Caitrin Moran Wright elaborate four specific examples on how technology-supported educational methods can fix the faults of today’s schooling system. All educators interested in exploring blended learning opportunities can start right here.

Salman Khan Describes Future Classrooms with Blended Learning

In this video, Sal Khan explains how ed-tech tools inspire both students and teachers embrace creative learning experiences. Virtual education can make physical education even more valuable. Educators should accept new trends and methods to adjust their teaching methods to the needs of the new generation of students.

Blend My Learning

This is a community of blended learning practitioners and schools that will inform you about the most effective teaching methods and inspire you to experiment with an innovative approach. The blog section is very useful for educators who want to stay on track with educational trends.

2. Tools to Get You Started


Your expectations always exceed your students’ attention span. To fill in the gap, you should awaken their interest with video content. EduCanon enables you to combine interactive video with multiple choice questions, fill-in-blank questions, reflective pause, and other tools that enable effective assessment.


If you have troubles creating educational content based on ed-tech tools, you can get the assistance you need at this website. Custom writing service NinjaEssays also provides editing and proofreading services that will help you offer flawless presentations and learning materials to your students.

Flipped Learning Network

This is a professional learning community for educators who use flipped learning – a form of blended learning in which the lectures are given through online video content, and the students do the homework in class, discussing different issues with their teachers. The website features discussion forums where educators can exchange experiences and opinions.


If you decided to give lectures through video content, then you need videos that will transform your students from passive watchers to active participants. Zaption enables you to add links, polls, multiple-choice questions, discussions, and other attention-grabbing features to the videos you create.


This video library gives you access to carefully-selected educational content created by talented animators and educators. You can use the tool to create a lesson around any TED Talk, TED-Ed Original, or YouTube video. Teachers can easily use these materials for their flipped classrooms.

History Channel

There is no better way to make history lessons more accessible for your students than by presenting intriguing videos that give life to the dry information in textbooks. At this website, you can access full videos and programs that have been shown on The History Channel. The materials are nicely organized by topic, so you can easily locate videos that fit into the curriculum.


At this website, you can browse thousands of K-12 collections created by teachers and access them from any mobile or web platform. The featured categories include Science, Math, Language Arts, and Social Sciences for elementary school, middle school, and high school students.

As a teacher, you have a responsibility to offer the most inspiring lectures to your students. With the great opportunities provided by educational technology, it’s easier than ever to find the right approach. Start exploring the tools and resources listed above, and blended learning will soon become a reality in your classroom.

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