Announcing… ClassDojo Ambassadors!

Thank you to our amazing teacher community for all of the hard work you put into your classrooms, schools, and communities every day. You inspire us every day by how you use ClassDojo to build better, more positive relationships with your students and parents. Thank you for letting us help – we love working with you on our team!

Today, we’re very excited to announce a brand new opportunity that we help will bring us even closer together as a team: the ClassDojo Ambassador program.

ClassDojo Ambassadors are passionate educators who will help spread the word about ClassDojo throughout their region. Ambassadors will work closely with the ClassDojo community team, and will receive ClassDojo’s full support with their work. Ambassadors will be selected for their ability as exceptional educators, their desire for impact and growth beyond their classroom, and their ability to spread ClassDojo amongst teachers in their geography.

As part of ClassDojo’s extended team, regional Ambassadors receive lots of recognition with their position – for example, exclusive media opportunities, sponsorship for representing ClassDojo at conferences, being featured on ClassDojo, special swag, and direct contact with our community team. Ambassadors will also get opportunities to meet other extraordinary educators from around the country. The Ambassador program is a minimum 1-year commitment; after they complete their 1-year commitment, Ambassadors will be part of the ClassDojo Ambassadors group for life, and will always have access to this special group of educators around the world.

Becoming a ClassDojo Ambassador is a unique opportunity: there are a limited number of Ambassador positions per region, so this opportunity will only be offered to a select group in each region. If you apply but are not selected, don’t worry – we’ll still be friends, and we’d still love to work together!

We’re so excited to building this amazing community with you! If you’re interested, use this link to apply – it takes 2 minutes!

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