4 more reasons to ❤ student portfolios

As all teachers know, each student is unique. Some enjoy writing, while others have a knack for drawing or acting! This fall, help every student shine with these 4 updates to Student Stories:

For the actors: 5 minute videos
Students will have more time to share their knowledge and the ability to upload from other apps !📹

For the artists: Drawing annotations
When words fall short, students will be able to demonstrate understanding through art !🎨

For the writers: Journal entries
A simple way for students to write and reflect, taking learning to new heights !📝

And just for fun: Filters, frames, and stickers!
Students will have a blast creating a portfolio as unique as they are !😜

Lastly, posting to Student Stories is a piece of cake! Students will be able to view and add to their portfolios _directly from their student accounts and from _any classroom device !🙌

Excited about the updates to student portfolios? Share the news with your colleagues so they can support their unique learners this fall, too!

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