Engage and learn with podcasts!

Over the past few years podcasting has changed the way educators share and learn from one another. With a few clicks of the mouse pad or taps on the screen people can create content and share with great ease. I love driving to work and listening to my fellow educators from around the world share their insight on best practices. It keeps me motivated and inspired to try new things. Reading someone’s tweet or blog is one thing, but to actually hear them talk shop is another. Here are some tips, tools, and resources on how to make listening and learning a part of your routine:

Apple Podcast App: Download this app onto your iPhone and listen to your favorite educational voices as you work out or drive into work.

BamRadio Network: Access tremendous Twitter chat recap shows such as #Satchat, #Edchat, #BrandEd, and #EdtechChat to name a few.

TeacherCast Podcast: Stay current with educational technology trends and thought leaders from around the world.

SoundCloud: An audio platform that enables sound creators to upload, record, promote and share their originally-created sounds. Great way to create a school or classroom based podcast channel.

Audacity: Free audio editor and recorder.

audioBoom: Give students a voice and a world audience. Use this tool for assessment purposes so that students can show what they know.

Voxer: This push to talk app is great for group discussions on various educational topics. Listen to people in real time or while you are on the road. Discuss your favorite book or a best practice technique. There are so many neat things you can do with this tool.

Listen to Video Clips: Sometimes while driving in my car or working in my office I will play a YouTube video or Ted Talk that is education related. I don’t actually watch it while driving, just listen.

As you can see there are many great ways to stay current or at least begin to start thinking about how you can improve your craft through listening to or creating  podcasts. Reflection, collaboration, and the art of storytelling still remain an important process in the 21st century. All school stakeholders can benefit from the various conversations that take place on the airwaves.