Springtime sluggishness? Part Two: 3 Ideas for middle school

Note: This post is Part Two of a three part series, each individually sharing ideas for elementary school, middle school, and high school.

Mr. Rodriguez, Math teacher Everett Middle School uses the following projects to lead his classroom, and counter springtime sluggishness:

  • Reciprocal teaching- students are taught how to prepare lesson plans on new skills and they work in groups to teach 5 seventh grade preview skills. This encourages students to not only collaborate, but also begin devising mechanisms to organize, synthesize and present new information on their own.
  • Retaking exams. Students are given the opportunity to boost their grades by retaking previous exams. I make a competition out of it by having blocks compete against blocks based on the amount of retakes completed and mastered. Students not only boost their personal grade but also boost the class average for the given units.
  • This year I will working with students to develop digital narratives of real-world math dilemmas. The idea here is create a cross-curricular project that engages students with technology and integrates literacy and math concepts in one. It allows students to interact with math questions in a different way.

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