The Power of Online Communities for Teachers

This may be surprising to some, but teaching can be a lonely profession many days. While teachers are surrounded by people, there’s often little time for collaboration or discussion with peers. My days are filled with exciting moments of discovery with students, of course, but also the challenge of sneaking in a lunch or prep period. It’s easy to get to the end of the day or week and realize I’ve had little interaction with the adults in my building.

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“Raise Your Voice! It Can Change The World!”

This month, students are making their voices heard, including those in our Dojo community. We all believe our students’ voices will shape our future world – and there’s no better time to support them than right now!

That’s why we asked ClassDojo teachers to share words of encouragement, and to tell us how they help their students find their voices every day.

Here’s what they shared 😀

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Help! There Are Monsters in My Classroom!

Did you know Halloween is the most shared day on ClassDojo? It’s true!

It’s also one of our favorite days here at Dojo HQ because of the hundreds of monster pics we get from teachers all over the world. Take a look at some of our favorites from this past Halloween. And check out #MonstersInMyClassroom for more! 🙂

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Student Story’s newest addition: Drawing!

Creating student portfolios isn’t simply about recording classwork for teachers. Student Stories gives parents a window into the classroom. Erika Gessler, a 2nd grade teacher, knows that the drawing update coming soon to ClassDojo’s student portfolios means parents will get to see a whole lot more. “When my students and I heard about adding drawings to Student Stories, we were so excited! They keep updating the app in anticipation.”

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Student Story’s newest addition: Journal entries!

We’ve all been there: making sure every student turns in their writing assignment, collecting reflection journals, carting home a stack of binders in order to provide thoughtful and individualized feedback. It’s nothing short of a challenge! But those assignments, journals, and binders are gold, showcasing students’ creativity and emotions. There must be a more efficient way for them to them to express themselves through writing, and for you to provide the feedback necessary to help them develop into incredible writers. Enter Student Stories.

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Student Story’s newest addition: 8 minute videos!

It can be tough sending your child off to school for the first time, and for Kindergarten Teacher Elsbeth Schweitzer, she’s using Student Stories to put parents at ease. With the new extended video recording time, and capability to upload videos from outside of the app, Elsbeth is excited for parents to be more connected with not only their child, but with the classroom as a whole.

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How a Classroom Tree (and Mojo!) Helps My Students Put Growth Mindset Into Action

I remember my struggles as a student who wished to be invisible in the classroom, and grew up thinking that I can never be smart enough as my grades were below average. My teachers did encourage me sometimes, but it didn’t make sense as nothing brought my grades up. I gave up! I didn’t have Mojo as a friend to tell me that if I don’t know it yet, I just have to try harder or try it differently.

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ClassDojo Love…ClassDojo Je T’aime

I am in love with ClassDojo. Everyone knows it. According to my students, I am the “best ClassDojo teacher in the world.” I shriek out loud when a new video is released, when there is a new update, and I love that this is a tool that I can use with all of my grade one to eight students. In my twenty years of teaching nothing has enhanced and improved my teaching like ClassDojo!

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