Forget A-B-C’s, I’m teaching Y-E-T’s

“I can’t do it.” “I don’t understand it.” How often have we as teachers — or parents — heard our children say similar things? In my classroom, our magic word isn’t “please” (though I certainly encourage that one as well!), it’s “yet.” By adding “yet” to these sentences, students realize that it’s not that they aren’t able to do something — they just haven’t spent the time to figure it out yet.

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How Flexible Seating Works in My Classroom

You, as an adult, go to Starbucks and pick between the comfy chairs, the small table, the large communal table, or even the high bar where you can stand or sit on a stool. So, why can’t a child make a choice for where they want to work? Where they will work best? Won’t they do better work if they are in control and comfortable?

The key words are: INDEPENDENCE  and CHOICE

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